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OP Solutions created NORTHSTAR  in 2013 to assist OP clinics establish a content rich foundation as the basis for their marketing strategies. The content management system (CMS) allows the 2 most important principles in website design to thrive; content rich and content deep. We provide the platform and the CONTENT to assist you in marketing your OP clinic. We have designed an OP specific website platform built with today’s technology and modern capabilities (custom CMS with responsive design). We offer to attract existing and potential patients to your website with educational Apps like foot, knee and socket finders and informative pages like a collection of inspirational stories and care manuals. We also have practical Apps for your clinicians, like a research center and OTS Orthotic finder. We have tools on your website for existing and potential referrals, like a Letter of Medical Necessity and Physician Documentation Resource to help justify medical necessity. We can provide Print media solutions that include posters, brochures, and informational graphics. 

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Start with a Website

Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

It is important to have a website because that's how potential clients are likely to find you. These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, or decide to use your services. If you don't have a website then you are missing out on potential business.  Let OP Solutions help you capture this potential business. 

Website sticker shock is the reason why most businesses have a outdated website or no website at all.  Technology such as Content Management System (CMS) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) are essential to a website but can make it very costly. We have designed a template platform that allows you to have all the latest technology in your website for a fraction of the price.


Check out this Website Cost Calculator to see how much money you are saving by going with OP Solutions.                                        

Website Features:

Easy to Manage Website
No need to learn HTML, CSS, JAVA or any other programing languages or go back and forth while your web developer. Utilize our easy to use custom management system to add, edit, or remove pages. Take back control over your content and save time while you’re at it.
Auto-updating Content
No more stagnant website content for your visiting patients, PTs, OTs, and physician visitors. Your OP Marketing website will aggregate industry specific news and content that you can control. The helpful resources area will also grow with our master list.
Secure Web Hosting
Don't worry about backup, uptime, speed, and bandwidth. Your site will be hosted and managed by OP Marketing on a premium dedicated server.
Mobile Browser Support
Your OP Marketing website was built with mobile in mind. The layout expands and contracts to be optimally viewed on the iPhone, iPad, and Android services.

                                                                      Everything Listed Below Comes With Your Website Platform

Preloaded Pages:

You can create an unlimited amount of pages at no extra charge. We have preloaded pages below to get you started:

  • Staff
  • Events
  • News
  • Image Gallery
  • Locations
  • Testimonials
  • Accepted Insurance Plans
  • Patients Forms 

OP Pages:

Care Manuals – OPS provides peer reviewed comprehensive care manuals (TTA, TFA, Partial Foot) to clinics to provide their patients with a manual. These manuals aim to provide patients answers to many of the questions that arise regarding prosthetic fittings and use.

Inspirational Stories- Continually updated list of links to the best OP inspirational stories.

Glossary- A searchable database that defines common terms in the orthotic and prosthetic industry

Industry Magazines- We have compiled industry magazines, such as inMotion, Amplitude, and Edge and made their current issues availble to be read from your website

Useful Links- Links to various organizations that provide care, activities, or resources for amputees and their care givers

OP Finders:

Foot Finder- Foot Finder is an easy to use tool to help patients and practitioners to find the ideal prosthetic foot for the patient by simply inputting the patient information. It includes every known prosthetic foot (besides SACH feet) from ALL companies. The first time a prosthetist used this APP at a tradeshow he said, “you just saved me 45 minutes”.

Knee Finder- Knee Finder is an easy to use tool to help patients and practitioners to find the ideal prosthetic knee for the patient by simply inputting the patient information. It includes every known prosthetic knee from ALL companies.

Socket Finder- A peer reviewed tool to show you the different types of prosthetic sockets, or interfaces. It allows the practitioner to educate and explain socket designs to a patient electronically.  

OTS Orthotic Finder- An APP designed to help practitioners quickly find an off the shelf brace that will fit the patients needs. The OTS Orthotic Finder sorts by brand, style and sizes. It currently only includes lower extremity. 

OP Tools:

Research Center –This APP has hundreds of articles that are relevant to justifying medical necessity in OP. The articles are provided in full when allowed by copyright, or condensed into one-page summaries with key bullet points.  The research center hosts a variety of topics organized by study type.

Letter of Medical Necessity Writer (LMN)- The LMN is a program that allows the user to quickly plug in a patient's information and treatments generating a grammatically and punctually correct (non-template) letter, properly cited with appropriate references. This can be used by the prosthetist to provide the physician the required documentation generated from the MDs EHR. 

Physician Documentation Resource- This template form considers and continually monitors and updates the many sources of Medicare Requirements to properly guide a physician through proper documentation, ensuring the most comprehensive guidance and compliance to limit audits.  


Demos include a high-level overview of the software and typically take between 30-60 minutes. We look forward to speaking with you! 





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